Thursday, 5 June 2008

Yellam everything

There has been no water for days meaning no washing up, cleaning or personal washing. It finally came back Thursday morning. The electricity is ok at the moment, but has been off for extended periods. There has been no mobile signal for a while now and even the landline was down for days, so no internet. Even when it came back there was no connection to the net.

Marta (a VSO volunteer here for two weeks helping with English Language Improvement) told Belay (from VSO who came to check on my progress on Tuesday) how she thought it was amazing how I had survived here so long!

The meeting with Belay went well and the fulltime teacher counterparts + sharing a house with another volunteer next year has been confirmed.

It is raining frequently now. The place is very green (and muddy) and the humidity is in the high 70s % which means washing takes about two days (instead of one hour) to dry. Also there are many more biting insects. If I don’t get Malaria soon I shall be very surprised (even though I’m on malaria prophylaxis)!!

The mother in the house I am living in still has questionable toilet hygiene. The baby is walking (and banging on my door). Thank goodness I only have about a month to go before I come home to the UK for a holiday!!!

Yellam = There is no.

(I’ve had to edit this message several times to change time words like “Today” and “yesterday” as each day I get no connection the message has to be changed.)